Wednesday, March 2

Week Recap

This week has been a very good one so far, I hope you can say the same. I grabbed lunch with one of my best friends and we did some much needed catching up while the two guys in my life had some fun bonding time at home! Afterwards I went shopping and actually bought myself a couple of outfits. It's terribly sad that I haven't done that since before I became a mom. I need to get better about making time for myself and doing the little things that make me feel good, whether its buying an outfit at the store or just waking up 15 minutes early to have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning.

For the last hour or two I've been reading some blogs written by people who work creatively full-time and are very good at it. It's amazing how inspiring it can be to read others' success stories and how they reached their goals; it just makes me want to work harder to accomplish mine. While browsing I came across this oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie recipe and it's going to be the next thing I whip together when I get that sweet tooth. Is that not the best looking cookie you've ever seen or what??

Exciting news in my motherly life -- my son took his first steps this weekend (2 days before he turned 9 months old)! I'm in trouble, that's all I can say...

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