Saturday, March 26

Some Fresh Eye Candy for Your Morning

I have some nifty things up my sleeve to post about later on this weekend, but here's a real quick, beautiful pick me up to start off your weekend. My husband came home from work with some flowers for me yesterday, just because. I love him to death and I'm thinking that he's a keeper!

I love how a small bouquet of flowers can spruce up any corner in the house. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's bought themselves a cute little handful of blooms to brighten up their space at some point.  Lucky for me, he did it for me!




  1. Oh yes, he's a keeper for sure! Beautiful flowers :)

  2. They're so sunny--what a mood-lifter. Good job hubby!

  3. Beautiful! What a thoughtful gesture from your husband...

  4. I'm a lucky girl :) Thanks ladies! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!