Wednesday, March 9

My Perfect & Productive Wednesday

I have been a little busybee today and it feels oh so good! I was able to get my grocery shopping done before most people would even consider starting their cars on their day off. Then we took our little guy to his 9 month photo shoot, which was entertaining in itself. You try getting a 9 month old to sit still, smile, and not pull his shoes off -- all while a strange man is putting a flashing "toy" in his face and making weird noises. Mmm hmm. But all-in-all, the pictures turned out really well. Here's a quick peak at a couple of my favorites..

After making enough baby food to fill my freezer, I finally found some inspiration and had a nice little one-on-one date with my creative side after Landon went to bed. I love my quite alone time and it's been nearly impossible to get these days. So I'm trying my darn hardest to take advantage of it. I've gotten quite a bit of creative reading/networking/researching done this last hour or two and I'm slowly gaining the confidence I need to really move forward with the goals deep within myself.

American Idol is calling my name, oh how I love Steven Tyler this season!

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