Monday, March 28

DIY Gift Card Holder and Note Card Tutorial: Reusing a Greeting Card That You Already Have

This is an awesome little project if you have ten spare minutes and a gift card that you're looking to give to someone! Here's all you need:

- A greeting card (standard 8 inches x 5.5 inches is perfect)
- A glue stick
- A paper cutter or pair of scissors

 Open card, and cut straight down at 1 inch to the right of the center line. You want to get rid of the plain side, but don't throw it away! You'll need it in a minute.
(See pictures above and below)

Card should now measure 8 inches x 6.5 inches

Turn card upside down, and fold at 1 inch down.

Turn card over and around, so that the 1 inch fold is at the top right corner.
Now fold the bottom right corner up at 2 inches.

Crease card horizontally through the middle and fold to the top so that the
edges across the top are evenly touching.You should have two pocket layers
in the top right corner of your card now.

Crease in half again; this time you'll be making a vertical fold.
Fold left half under the right half.
(above and below)

Are you with me? We're almost done!
Add a bit of glue to the edges that I've highlighted.

After you've glued the edges, press tightly for a minute or two so that the glue sets.
Now cut a rectangle that measures 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches from the discarded back side of the original card. This is going to be the note card that slides into your gift card holder!

After you write a message on your note card, you can tuck it in the back slot of the gift card holder.
The front slot holds your gift card.

Ta da!

What a nifty way to reuse that birthday card that you were going to throw away after it was displayed for a week or two. This project can be done with so many things, not just greeting cards. Decorative card stock is fun, too. But for those of you who want to ride the Eco Bus, I'd recommend greeting cards and heavy magazine pages/covers.

Once you make a couple of these, you'll be addicted I promise! I made a handful of them during the holidays with old Christmas cards from last year. They made fun little stocking stuffers and tree decorations, and it beats spending $5 on a greeting card that's just going to get tossed in the trash. 

Please share. Enjoy! 


  1. Very interesting. I never would have thought to do that, but it's such a great way to recycle!

  2. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

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