Sunday, May 8

My First [Official] Mother's Day

Today was a perfect day! The weather could not have been any nicer for the cookout we had with my family in our backyard for my first Mother's Day! The day started out with cinnamon rolls with my boys, a nifty little handprint plaster mold from my Landon, some lawn care that was wayyyy overdo, and a beautiful afternoon spent grilling, wine tasting (hehe) and relaxing :)

Enough said!


Tuesday, May 3

What Inspires You? + 50% OFF SALE

Can you say "creative block"? Ughhh. - It's no fun. These past couple of weeks have left me so uninspired I can't stand it. I'm just so burnt out, I don't know how else to explain it. This weather. My job. Even my handmade business has been a choir in the back of my head lately (which is supposed to be my creative outlet/joy). I don't know what my problem is, I think it's a combination of cabin fever/the same old routine I need a change.. I'm not exactly sure what that means yet (when I figure it out, I'll let you know...).

If you're a fan of super deals, I've added a "SALE" category in my shop that you just can't pass up! Head on over to my Etsy shop and click on the new tab which is on the right hand side, everything is 50% OFF until Thursday!! I'm basically giving these goodies away: maybe a sale will make me feel better? (!!)


Wednesday, April 27

What I Want Wednesday + Giveaway Reminder

Well we've made it halfway through the week, and geeze what an unproductive, but fun, one it has been for me! I just couldn't help it, this warm weather has been a breeze and I'm loving it. We spent all day yesterday as a family trio and it was just perfect. Landon loved the long walk we took at the park up the street, it's got a pavilion and really nice paved trails that wind through the woods - it's where we're having his first birthday party this summer :)

Anyways, here's my little collection of goodies that I want oh-so-badly on this windy Wednesday in NE Ohio!

This grill-topping roasting pan is screaming my name - so convenient! It makes me wanna drag our grill out of the garage right now and toss some veggies together..

Mesh Grill-Top Roasting Pan

Adorableness for my little man, courtesy of Old Navy. I think I can look at baby clothes all day long and not get tired of it. Yesterday, we went to Target (ohh Target, you'll never how much I love you) to register for Landon's first birthday party and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was hesitatant of the idea of a registry at first, but after hearing pretty much every family member this past Easter weekend ask what he needs/wants/doesn't already have in his heaping box of toys, we decided that a registry would eliminate any confusion.

And finally, I just want to remind you that my giveaway for a Recycled Water Bottle and Magazine bracelets ends tomorrow night at midnight! It only takes a minute to try n' win!