Sunday, March 27

Some Creative Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

While searching for an idea on how to cleverly wrap a bottle of wine for the 50th Wedding Anniversary party we're going to this afternoon (WOW- that's a looooong time!!), I stumbled upon this article and found it very cool and worth sharing.

Did you know that American's spend almost 3 billion dollars a year on gift wrap and bows?! And what happens after the recipient opens their gift? Most throw the trash away. Well here are a handful of ideas for those of you who not only want to help save the environment and save some cash, but who also want to give a gorgeous repurposed gift-wrapped item that will surely stand out over the other gifts with department store tags and bows slapped on them!

CLOTH (above):
Vintage Scarf, Burlap Bag, Wool Scarf with Knitting Needle, Tea Towel with Rickrack, Vintage Kimono

NATURAL (above):
Banana Leaf with Cinnamon Stick, Bamboo Leaf with Twine, Bamboo Leaves with Star Anise, Banana Leaf with Reeds, Birch Bark with Feather

PAPER (above):
Vintage Wallpaper, Newspaper and Colored Paper, Map, Grocery Bag and Beads


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  1. neat ideas. I usually use old newspapers, but that's not very pretty. I like the banana leafs!