Tuesday, February 22

On A Sunny Note

So it's been a pretty crazy and depressing last couple of days. If I wanted to I could make this post revolve around the terrible things that have been happening, but who the heck would want to read about that? So instead, I'm going to note the more pleasant things that are on my mind!

To start, it has been such a beautiful day!  The sun has been shining and I took a handful of pictures in the front yard of the ice on the trees. Matt and I are both off today so we took a trip to have lunch with my dad, Pat Catan's for some crafting wire so I can keep busy for awhile and out of his hair, and last but not least, Cold Stone!  Usually I go with the small size, AKA "Like It", but this paticular trip called for a Chocolate Devotion in "Love It" size! I don't even want to know how many calories that contained... definitely worth it though.

I am going to see a good friend of mine tomorrow. She just had a baby a couple of weeks ago and I cannot wait to meet her. Her name is Alyssa and she is absolutely beautiful. I haven't held a newborn since Landon was born so I think it is going to make me realize how big my little man has gotten, and possibly fuel the new baby itch that I am starting to have again!

Hope everyone's Tuesday has been a good one, enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, February 15

The Reason For My Existence

Just sharing a picture of Landon at bathtime tonight!


I'm such a blogging slacker! It's been over a week since I've acknowledged this space. Oops :/ I've just been so darn busy with life and everything that comes along with it. But at the moment, little man is napping so I'm going to give myself ten minutes to recap on all that has been happening and everything that's on my mind.

At the moment, there are two random men in our garage installing a new garage door. About a month ago, ours snapped unexpectantly, so we have been parking outside ever since until this new one came in. It had to be special ordered because our garage is apparantly 12 inches wider than the "standard" door. Of course. So 30 days and $1,200 later, I am more than thrilled that I will have a nice, warm, ice-free space to park my little Nissan in again after today. Oh the joys of being a home owner.

My Garbaje jewelry/accessory business has been coming along quite nicely. I am real happy with it. I designed some business cards that should be shipped soon, and I'm consistently getting a couple of orders a week (my goal by summertime is 5/week). And my items are now listed on this nifty site in addition to my Etsy shop!

My hubby and I took a ski trip with my brother and his girlfriend this past weekend. It was probably the best time I have had in a really long time! None of us have ever gone before so I knew it was going to make for an interesting trip. I was surprised at how quickly we picked it up, and by the end of the afternoon all four of us were on the medium-sized slope going down together, usually without falling! We decided that we are going to make it an every year sorta thing, maybe next year with Landon :) They offer little kids lessons and I swear those 2-3 year old kids were born with skiis on, they were crazy!

Well I think that's all for now, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Matt brought me home Malley's Chocolate Covered Strawberries and we made crablegs for dinner and watched The Bachelor. Definitely my kind of evening. Kept it simple and enjoyed each others' company.

Saturday, February 5


It's Saturday! I'd say about 80% of people say "woo-hoo!!" when they hear this, because it means they have the next two days off and get to hopefully enjoy a real nice weekend in their sweatpants if they want to. I happen to fall into the unlucky 20% category every other weekend and unfortunately this is my work weekend. I'm so lucky. (ha!)

I had 4 orders placed with me this week! 2 sets of recycled water bottle wine charms and 2 recycled magazine/water bottle bracelets. I'm a happy girl! On an even larger note, dun dun dun... I have been approached by a woman who runs a website that sells eco-friendly products and she wants to sell some of my items on it!!!! We are working through details currently, so I'll share more when we are up and running :)

It has been such an icy week here in the 440 area code. Cleveland sucks this time of year. On my way home from work yesterday, I was driving a fair distance behind a semi-truck on the freeway. A huge sheet of ice flew off of top of it as traffic was driving at a steady 70 mph. It was like slow motion... it was turning real high in the air and as it came down, I swear I saw what was about to happen before it actually did. The ice slammed onto the windshield of the car in front of me, immediation shattering the glass. I didn't know what to do!! It's rush hour on a Friday, traffic on all sides of me. Needless to say, I kept driving, just like every car around me who had to see it happen. The car pulled off to the side and I saw the person get out in my rear-view mirror, so they were fine. Ugh, what are the chances?!

Anyways, happy Saturday! Hope its a great weekend for all! I'll leave you with a quote I personally saw yesterday on a church message board. "God loves everyone. Even the Steelers!" Histerical. Go Pack!

Tuesday, February 1

I Thought I Was Broke

Just so random I had to post this. This was the reading from whoever pumped at the tank before me. I'm guilty of putting $10 in my gas tank to get me from Point A to Point B, but this is pointless. That's all, have a good evening!

Here Goes Nothing!

I'm more than excited to enter the blogging world! I've been inspired by my creative little sewing friend, Lisa. I plan on using it to network, vent, mention my daily encounters, and to help get my projects more exposure. I'm an official blogging newbee!

It is so easy to dwell on the things that you don't have, rather than all of the things you do have. Matt and I had a big disappointment yesterday when he found out that he didn't get the big promotion he was interviewing for. Such a bummer. He works so hard and nobody deserved it more than him. But life isn't always fair, and it all happens for a reason, right? Ugh. But I guess I should (and admittingly am) thankful for the jobs we do have and everything we call "ours". So I'm done complaining.

So on a lighter note, I've been in the creative zone these past few weeks. My favorite project as of lately has been my recycled water bottle bracelets. They are awesome, in case you were wondering :) I make other stuff too with recycled items but the bracelets are definitely my favorite. I get in-person orders occasionally because I wear my jewelry, but obviously the potential to market online is huge and endless. So I've been adding to my Etsy page on an (almost) daily basis. I haven't had a ton of luck yet but I'm hopeful! All I have to do is stand out over 19509464957304 other items. Ya know, no big deal :/


Happy Tuesday to all! I'm all prepared to be iced in our home until Thursday morning! Gotta love the NE Ohio weather.