Wednesday, March 16

If This Isn't A Man Bag, I Don't Know What Is

If you haven't ever noticed, I'm really into the idea of turning regular old trash into quirky treasure. I've been looking for some inspiration to expand my items over at Etsy and I stumbled across this little project and I think it's so much fun. I just might have to make something kinda like it. The body of the bag is made from a guy's shirt and coat. Duh! The straps came off of a leather couch, but I was thinking that a couple of leather belts would do the trick, too.

Earth Month (April) is quickly approaching and I am working very hard so that I can have a fully stocked shop in honor of the recyclista. I'm pondering the idea of running a promotion or two for the month as well so that's exciting news in my world.

I hope you're enjoying the [soon to be] spring weather!! I just love this sunshine.

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