Thursday, March 10

Some $10 Entertainment Ideas

So I came to the conclusion that I'm a cheap date! I am easily satisfied with the little things in life and it doesn't cost much money to keep me excited. Here's a quick little list of things that cost $10 or less and keep me smiling!

1. Buy a bottle of Ferrante's Pink Catawba and a chick flick movie from Red Box and call it a night with your hubs :)

2. Purchase a $7.99 portrait package from Target and share some awesomely affordable pictures of your kids with friends on Facebook. Yes, they will try to upgrade your package, but you just have to say NO!!

3. Hit a Dollar Tree and pick up a few baskets, a new shower curtain liner, and a nifty hanging shower caddy. (I spent an hour organizing underneath the sink and inside the shower stall -- it feels like a new bathroom!)

4. Go to Pat Catan's and splurge! That store is my heaven :)

5. Pick up a couple of bags of mulch at your local DIY store and spruce up your trees and flower beds with some rich-colored neededness.

6. Take a trip to the zoo with your toddler. Kids under 2 are free, and so is parking!

7. Put 2.5 gallons of gas in your car. Ha!

8. Buy some hotdogs, marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers on a nice cool evening. You know what to do with these... 

I hope you can think of a handful of things that you can do for $10 or less. Life doesn't have to be expensive you know! Keep it simple.

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