Saturday, February 5


It's Saturday! I'd say about 80% of people say "woo-hoo!!" when they hear this, because it means they have the next two days off and get to hopefully enjoy a real nice weekend in their sweatpants if they want to. I happen to fall into the unlucky 20% category every other weekend and unfortunately this is my work weekend. I'm so lucky. (ha!)

I had 4 orders placed with me this week! 2 sets of recycled water bottle wine charms and 2 recycled magazine/water bottle bracelets. I'm a happy girl! On an even larger note, dun dun dun... I have been approached by a woman who runs a website that sells eco-friendly products and she wants to sell some of my items on it!!!! We are working through details currently, so I'll share more when we are up and running :)

It has been such an icy week here in the 440 area code. Cleveland sucks this time of year. On my way home from work yesterday, I was driving a fair distance behind a semi-truck on the freeway. A huge sheet of ice flew off of top of it as traffic was driving at a steady 70 mph. It was like slow motion... it was turning real high in the air and as it came down, I swear I saw what was about to happen before it actually did. The ice slammed onto the windshield of the car in front of me, immediation shattering the glass. I didn't know what to do!! It's rush hour on a Friday, traffic on all sides of me. Needless to say, I kept driving, just like every car around me who had to see it happen. The car pulled off to the side and I saw the person get out in my rear-view mirror, so they were fine. Ugh, what are the chances?!

Anyways, happy Saturday! Hope its a great weekend for all! I'll leave you with a quote I personally saw yesterday on a church message board. "God loves everyone. Even the Steelers!" Histerical. Go Pack!

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