Tuesday, February 1

Here Goes Nothing!

I'm more than excited to enter the blogging world! I've been inspired by my creative little sewing friend, Lisa. I plan on using it to network, vent, mention my daily encounters, and to help get my projects more exposure. I'm an official blogging newbee!

It is so easy to dwell on the things that you don't have, rather than all of the things you do have. Matt and I had a big disappointment yesterday when he found out that he didn't get the big promotion he was interviewing for. Such a bummer. He works so hard and nobody deserved it more than him. But life isn't always fair, and it all happens for a reason, right? Ugh. But I guess I should (and admittingly am) thankful for the jobs we do have and everything we call "ours". So I'm done complaining.

So on a lighter note, I've been in the creative zone these past few weeks. My favorite project as of lately has been my recycled water bottle bracelets. They are awesome, in case you were wondering :) I make other stuff too with recycled items but the bracelets are definitely my favorite. I get in-person orders occasionally because I wear my jewelry, but obviously the potential to market online is huge and endless. So I've been adding to my Etsy page on an (almost) daily basis. I haven't had a ton of luck yet but I'm hopeful! All I have to do is stand out over 19509464957304 other items. Ya know, no big deal :/


Happy Tuesday to all! I'm all prepared to be iced in our home until Thursday morning! Gotta love the NE Ohio weather.


  1. Hi Shawna this is Lisa's sister Kim... love your bracelets! I'll be sure to spread the word.