Wednesday, April 20

"What I Want Wednesday"

Wednesdays tend to be pretty predictable in this house. It's one of my days off, and my hubs usually doesn't start work til 1, so I always get my grocery shopping done in the morning when my guys are just starting to stir. I hate grocery shopping when it's crowded, I don't have the patience! It's worth waking up early just to eliminate that frustration from my day. And now that my little guy thinks the seat in the shopping cart is a skate board, any opportunity to pawn him off to get an errand done is an opportunity that I will be taking!

Matt going to work = Mommy and Landon time. I love every second of it, but when he goes down for a nap, it's my quiet time and I usually spend it at my craft table, catching up on my Blog Reader (thank you Lisa for making my life so much easier by pointing it out to me), or in today's case: browsing the www for items that I just have to have. So on that note, I want to share some things that I'm loving today.

Saved in my favorites for my husband to get an idea for my first Mother's Day :)

Perfect Mothers Day Gift - My Family - Four or Five Name Hand Stamped

At the top of my wish list for my birthday next month!

Image of Vacay tote + pouch, the Daniella

And randomly -- Chocolate Extreme Blizzard from DQ
(Lucky for me, Dairy Queen is right around the corner from our house)
((...and yes, I just might have gotten myself one))


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  1. Love that Gussy! I am so glad you found/love Google reader - man does it make MY day easier!

    Thanks for the pregnancy well-wishes. :) There's still plenty of time for nausea, I know (damn!). My mom didn't get it until the end of the first trimester, so I'm just kinda waiting to see if the other shoe is gonna drop.


    Can you believe Landon is almost one? Seriously? Whoa.